Subject: Keyboard Problems
To: None <>
From: Karol Krizka <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/25/2005 11:53:19
After finding a old unused server on work, I decided to try to set it
up as a personal webserver. No Linux cd would boot (framebuffer/ram
errors) and FreeBSD Install CD took like 5 minutes to select the
install option. So I remembered reading somewhere that NetBSD is the
one oriented for old machines. To no suprise, the install was a
breeze. Exept I have a problem now. Some keys on the keyboard won't
work right and I tried several shells (sh,ksh,bash). Pressing
insert/delete/PageUp/PageDown produces a ~ instead of what it should
and I have no idea what is wrong. Any ideas what could fix this? It's
a real PITA now to try to edit files with vi as most of the time it
makes the lettter captial or nothing at all when I try to delete. Also
in vi, backspace works as a left arrow and delete as backspace and
somtimes it makes the last key capital.

Any help would be appreciated.

Karol Krizka

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