Subject: daily CVS update output
To: None <>
From: NetBSD source update <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/24/2005 03:19:48
Updating src tree:
P src/distrib/sets/lists/comp/mi
P src/distrib/sets/lists/etc/mi
P src/distrib/sets/lists/man/mi
P src/etc/mtree/special
P src/etc/rc.d/Makefile
P src/etc/rc.d/pf
U src/etc/rc.d/pf_boot
P src/lib/libc/shlib_version
P src/lib/libc/hash/
P src/lib/libc/hash/sha2/
U src/lib/libc/hash/sha2/sha256hl.c
U src/lib/libc/hash/sha2/sha384hl.c
Terminated with fatal signal 11
Core dumped; preserving /tmp/xvs-serv2994 on server.
CVS locks may need cleaning up.

Updating pkgsrc tree:
? pkgsrc/INDEX
? pkgsrc/README-IPv6.html
? pkgsrc/README-all.html
U pkgsrc/audio/icecast/Makefile
U pkgsrc/benchmarks/xengine/Makefile
U pkgsrc/benchmarks/xengine/distinfo
U pkgsrc/benchmarks/xengine/patches/patch-aa
U pkgsrc/chat/bitlbee/Makefile
U pkgsrc/chat/ircd-hybrid/Makefile
U pkgsrc/chat/ircu/Makefile
U pkgsrc/chat/jabberd/Makefile
U pkgsrc/chat/silc-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/comms/fidogate/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/gnats/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/mysql4-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/postgresql73-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/postgresql74-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/databases/postgresql80-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/distcc/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/monotone-server/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/p4d/Makefile
cvs [checkout aborted]: unable to parse /cvsroot/pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES,v; `author' not in the expected place

Updating xsrc tree:

Killing core files:

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Wed Aug 24 03:10:29 2005
SUP Scan for current completed at Wed Aug 24 03:10:54 2005
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Wed Aug 24 03:10:54 2005
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Wed Aug 24 03:14:02 2005

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 srcmastr  netbsd  11632571 Aug 24 03:19 ls-lRA.gz