Subject: Re: Problems with ath(4)
To: Martin Ammermueller <>
From: Vincent <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/22/2005 22:02:24
Martin Ammermueller a crit :

> Shame on me! I did now what i should have done a lot earlier: searching
> the radio route between the AP and the WLAN card for obstacles. Found
> one, now the problem's solved.

Not completely. There *is* a problem with the ath driver when used with 
WEP encryption. I'm getting also those disconnections, and my card and 
access point are in the same room, not 2 meters away one from the other.

I suspect there is something bulky in the code, because I seem to get 
much more disconnections when I slow down the processor to half its 
nominal speed (using an acpi trick). As if the WEP processing was done 
in software. This hypothesis explains also why I get more problems with 
128-keys WEP rather than 64-keys. But I can't be more precise without 
any debug trace.

Sometimes, the network is up, but I can't get any TCP traffic. A tcpdump 
shows garbage coming from the access point, so I guess these 
disconnections really are connected to WEP. After a number of errors, 
the link goes down.