Subject: Re: [ntp:hackers] ifconfig if down .. up -> ntpd loses connectivity...
To: Brad Knowles <>
From: Danny Mayer <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/16/2005 20:03:26
Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 10:48 PM +0200 2005-08-16, Frank Kardel wrote:
>>  Am I the only one seeing this ? This does not seem right as the
>>  previous address is gone it doesn't seem to make sense that udp
>>  endpoints remain stuck on invalid addresses. Not even an error is
>>  reported in ntpd. Applications seem to be kept in the dark about
>>  being disconnected from the sane world.
>     Known problem.  I can just about quote the bug from memory now -- I 
> think it's #52.  The issue is that ntpd only scans the interfaces to see 
> which ones to bind to on startup, and doesn't re-scan the interfaces later.

It's #51.


>     If you search the archives of the 
> mailing list (or the comp.protocols.time.ntp newsgroup), you should see 
> just about every third post coming up with this same issue.
>     Anyway, it's a known bug, and will be fixed in the relatively near 
> future.  But maybe not until after 4.2.1 is released (hopefully within a 
> couple of weeks).