Subject: Re: unattended cdboot
To: NetBSD-current <>
From: David Young <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/11/2005 18:05:07
On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 06:43:36AM +0900, Bang Jun-Young wrote:
> Marcin Jessa wrote:
> > Hi.
> > 
> > I compiled cdboot, /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/stand/cdboot (fresh CURRENT sources) and used it with mkisofs to create an iso image
> > # mkisofs -l -J -R -nobak -no-emul-boot -o myiso.iso -c boot.catalog -b cdboot cdimage/
> > After boot from CD, cdboot it will fall back to HD boot if you don't press any key.
> > Why ? If I chose to boot from CD, why would I want to boot from HD if I dont press any key within given time?
> > Maybe adding some informative text or menu like the FreeBSD's one would be in place?
> It _is_ a feature. ;-)
> That's because lots of people (including me) often forget to remove the
> install CD after they installed an OS to the hard disk. That causes to
> boot from installation CD again on the next boot, and I find it quite
> annoying (Probably, Microsoft also found that and their CD bootloader 
> was the first one with the same feature).

I would like it if the keypress was optional, too.

A few words about my application, since I'm not sure it is supported
by cdboot today.  I have some unattended wireless routers whose BIOS is
too dumb or broken to boot from CD-ROM.  I would like to put the cdboot
primary bootloader onto a floppy disk; the secondary bootloader, kernel,
and ISO9660 root will go onto the CD-ROM.  There might be a bootable
hard drive---or a CompactFlash card, at any rate.  Is this something
that cdboot will support?


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