Subject: Re: using a PCIB made before written history? (Intel 82426EX PCI-to-ISA Bridge)
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/02/2005 12:08:16
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> I migrated an old Linux 2.2.14 box to NetBSD 2.0.2.
> It has two cards, but only saw one network card. The second card was on
> some expansion card:
> pci0: i/o space, memory space enabled, rd/line, rd/mult, wr/inv ok
> Intel 82426EX PCI-to-ISA Bridge (PCIB) (miscellaneous prehistoric, revision 0x02) at pci0 dev 5 function 0 not configured
> Anyone know about this?

That's the normal PCI-ISA bridge that's part of the chipset. It's not
really necessary to have it attach to anything; the "isa0 at mainbus"
attachment will do just fine.

So if you have a network card that's not attaching, something else is
going on. Are the two cards PCI or ISA?  Can you post the entire dmesg?

        - Nathan