Subject: wireless information
To: None <>
From: gillet <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/2005 15:48:47
I am not an experimented developer on NetBSD.
I develop on a soekris platform with NetBSD 3.99.6. There are two interfaces
driven by Atheros IEEE 802.11 wireless network driver.

I want to get information on wireless environment.
1) I want to get in real-time the list of MAC address of the clients
associated with an AP.
I studied the source code of 'wlanctl', 'ieee80211_ioctl.c'...
What type of list does 'wlanctl' return?
No client is connected and yet I have a list of node.
What information does this command give?
'sysctl' can be used with the name "" and
IEEE80211_SYSCTL_NODENAME parameters ('wlanctl' code source).
Does it exist an entry with 'sysctl' or 'ioctl' to get the information I
I heard this tool exists on FreeBSD platforms...

2) I want to get signal-to-noise ratio between the associated clients and
the APs.
I studied the source code of 'wiconfig' and 'ifconfig'. The 'D' option of
'wiconfig' is interesting.
In ad-hoc mode, the 'wiconfig' command returns an error...
'wiconfig ath0 -D' => "wiconfig: SIOCSWAVELAN: Invalid argument"
Can I scan all the reachable node and get the signal-to-noise ratio of the

3) How can I modify the emission power of the wireless card?


Franck GILLET (LIP6).