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From: Stefan Schumacher <>
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Date: 06/20/2005 00:42:47
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Also sprach Jan Schaumann (
> Karsten Kruse <> wrote:
> =20
> > Seriously, i really think it is quite possible to use some css to fix at
> > least the colors. They should match the logo.
> Please post suggested stylesheets! :-)

I played a little bit with the logo-colours (0xf26711 and 0x777777)
in the index.html and don't find that colours suitable.=20

The orange is to strong and powerful to be used as the bgcolor of the
two outer tablerows (instead the currently used blue).=20
Using grey as BG and orange as font color makes the text unreadable,
so IMO some fonts might be substited. Or a lighter grey as BG and
orange as font color.

However, I made three little hacks to index.html:

IMO the last one is the best, but I still prefer the actual design.
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