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ok - I run the following and sendmail is using /etc/mail/

$ sendmail -d0.10 | grep "Conf file"
     Conf file: /etc/mail/ (default for MSP)
     Conf file: /etc/mail/ (default for MTA)
     Conf file: /etc/mail/ (selected)

Why is it when I run the following the mail is relayed via the

$ date | sendmail -v -t Connecting to via relay...

And if I force it to use /etc/mail/ it delivers via the

$ date | sendmail -C/etc/mail/ -v -t Connecting to via relay...

Both commands you have to assume are using the same so what is
the difference when I force it with the -C option?

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NetBSD 2.0
Sendmail 8.12.11

Can't work out what config file sendmail is using.  I changed SMART_HOST in compiled it and I have the new DS<> in as expected.

I restart sendmail but mail goes via the old_smart_host.  When I start
sendmail and force it to use the new file with the
-C/etc/mail/ option mail is ralayed through the new_smart_host.

There is no or link in /etc

How can I find out what config file sendmail is using?

Appreciate your help.


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