Subject: Re: upgrade->can't login
To: Congo <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/29/2005 08:04:15
On Oct 19,  2:31pm, Congo wrote:
} On Sun, 29 May 2005 15:59:27 +0200
} Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:
} > On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 06:30:54PM +0200, Congo wrote:
} > > hi. i've upgraded to 3.99.5. But when rebooted the computer i couldn't login even as root because it writes pam_acct_mgmt: autentification error. I know that i made something wrong but may i ask how to repair it ?
} > 
} > You forgot to run /usr/sbin/postinstall
}   Hi, i didn't but last time i was upgrading i was not looking what in /etc
} was overwriting and i was stucked and had to write configuration files again
} (for example i think it was /etc/rc.conf). So this time i didn't overwrited 
} all files and leaved some unoverwriten and that was my mystake (because of 
} PAM i think). But now i think i did not overwrited files for login with PAM.
}  So that is i think why login PAM authentification  is down . So where can i
} disable PAM for login or which files do i have to configure to work properly ?

     You can not disable PAM, it is an integral part of the system.

     Unpack etc.tgz into its own directory and run
/usr/sbin/postinstall.  This will update /etc without clobbering any
user files (i.e. /etc/rc.conf).

}-- End of excerpt from Congo