Subject: Re: netboot -- U2 -> i386
To: Christos Zoulas <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/18/2005 19:44:51
On Oct 8, 12:44pm, Christos Zoulas wrote:
} John Nemeth <> wrote:
} >     I am trying to netboot my Ultra 2 from my i386 laptop, running
} >2.0.2.  I'm pretty sure I have everything setup up right.  When I try
} >to boot the Ultra 2 it displays a message saying "Boot device: ..." and
} >below that is a count (presumably the number of bytes read from the
} >tftp server).  This count reaches 13000 and stops.  No errors are
} >reported on the laptop (the logs show the RARP request and a successful
} >TFTP request).  Using tftp on both my laptop and another i386 machine I
} >can read the boot file (C0A8010F symlinked to
} >successfully.  Does anybody have any ideas.  Are there any known issues
} >with tftp?  BTW, I have two processors installed if that might make a
} >difference.  Also, I upgraded tftpd to the latest version.
} tcpdump is your friend...

     I know; along with various RFC in order to intrepret the packets.
I was hoping that somebody would have a quick solution for me.

     To further test, I setup a sparc32 boot environment and attempted
to netboot my SparcStation 5.  This failed.  It appears that rpcbind
doesn't like interfaces being added after it is started even though it
listens on INADDR_ANY, since it wasn't responding.  After restarting
rpcbind, bootparams, mountd, and nfsd, the SS5 booted fine (not
counting forgetting to populate the /dev directory).

     Going back to the Ultra 2, I see it downloading the last part of and acknowledging it.  Then nothing.  There are no more
packets sent, nothing printed on the screen, and I can't do Stop-A.
Presumably this is point where it should start to execute,
but instead it is locking up hard.  I have a packet dump if it is
needed (located at ). is from
Does anybody have any ideas?  Does anybody have a binary of the current
version of handy, so I can just grab the one file?

}-- End of excerpt from Christos Zoulas