Subject: Re: mount_smbfs problems
To: None <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/09/2005 14:41:23
 From my experience with Linux, numbers more or less are free choice. As 
long as the number does not conflict with any other number it will be 
OK. The only layer who needs to know the node/driver mapping is VFS 
layer. It will invoke the right driver upon operation on the special file.

Linux maintains one text file containing mapping between devices and 
major numbers. I was surprised not to find one in NetBSD. There is one 
file per port defining the same thing, although numbers for the same 
device are different on different ports.

I am not at all opposed raising a PR, just to solve Justin's problem 
right now, he can try adding the line and recompiling..

Maybe PR should be raised to reconcile all the numbers on different 
ports and all all the missing ones?


Markus W Kilbinger wrote:
>>>>>>"Alex" == Alex Pelts <> writes:
>     Alex> Device node exists in i386, ALPHA, sparc and xen
>     Alex> architecures. It seems to vary between numbers 77, 88, 98
>     Alex> and 134 with 98 being the most popular. On cobalt only
>     Alex> nubers up to 37 are used and MAKEDEV script supports 98 out
>     Alex> of the box. Why not add line: device-major nsmb char 98 nsmb
>     Alex> to majors.cobalt, recompile and try it out again?
> Are these dev numbers that kind of free choice!?
>     Hubert> Grmbl. I recommend raising a PR.
> Probably the best/clean way to get it done...
> A privilege for the thread initiator... ;-)
> Markus.