Subject: Re: continuing sh problems
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/07/2005 13:53:29
Martin Husemann said:

>Since you can easily reproduce the failure, how about a sh build with DBG=-g
>and using gdb to see why it cores? And file a PR with the results.

I thought I had fixed the problem. Replaced the SCSI controller and network
card in the NFS server that holds the source. Did two complete builds without
any coredumps. Now, I updated -current and again I am getting coredumps on
the SS5. It will not coredump with an sh built with "-g". I have reduced 
memory to one 32meg simm. I have tried different memory chips, all of them
known good.

The server is on a Netgear 10/100 switch and the SS5 is on an SVEC 10mb
hub. Netstat doesn't show any errors. 

This is the most perplexing part:

It will not coredump with an sh built with "-g". It repeatedly dumps core
with stock sh.

I'm about ready to declare this machine junk.
Rick Kelly
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