Subject: Re: Tab completion in /bin/sh
To: None <>
From: Sascha Retzki <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2005 11:56:05
On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 10:07:39PM +0200, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> On Sun, 1 May 2005, Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:
> > On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 01:03:32PM +0200, Karsten Kruse wrote:
> > > Sascha Retzki wrote:
> > >
> > > > Of course it would be neat to make /bin/sh a /bin/sh and redirect users to
> > > > /bin/ksh ;)
> > >
> > > BTW, any chance that we get the real ksh in base.tgz some day? I would
> > > love it.
> >
> > 	So what features does that have that the current one doesn't?
> We don't have ksh in the base today unless I'm confused.

We have the Public Domain Ksh (pdksh) in base if I am right; however there
seems to be another one.

> But I fail to see the need. Is it difficult to just add it from pkgsrc if
> you want it? 

man postfix

> tcsh, and others might want zsh as well. Any other shells out there. Maybe
> we should include everything in base...)

Mhm.. one could argue that ksh is there because it is a more useful yet 
lightweight bourne-shell that can be actually used, unlike /bin/sh that
is missing some features that we might be used to, like said tab 
completition. That said, if someone adds tab completition to /bin/sh,
we could start think about the need for ksh in base. Once again,
I already hear the question who decides what features are usefull enough
to have them in /bin/sh... . A bit hard to answer ;) . However we most probably
agree that a plugin-API may be considered useful but too bloated for the base,
yet very good to have in pkgsrc, but on the other hand having file completition
(we talk about that by saying "tab-completition", don't we :) ?) in a leight-
weight base-shell is good, too.
Csh is traditional and ok, I actually used our csh a long time, however I
am too used to bourne-shells so I switched to ksh. I write commands and I
tab-complete, that is basicly all; If we have that in /bin/sh, I will switch
to that.

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