Subject: bus_master DMA error (is my disk about to fail)?
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/2005 18:19:50
Hi list,

My machine just locked up solid and I  got some strange errors scroll past 
unfortunately they are not complete as i had to transcribe it by hand.

(this is hand typed and i couldn't grab all of it)

siside0:0:1: lost interrupt
     type:ata tc_bcount:1026 tc_skip 0
siside0:0:1:bus_master DMA error missing interrupy status = 0x60
siside0:0:1:device timeout, c_bcount=1024   //I missed the rest of this line

//Some more errors scroll passed that im not fast enough to catch

siside0:0:1:recal drive fault
wd1e: device fault writing fsbn 219880030 of 219880030-219880031(wd1 bn 
224643838: cn 222860 tn 15 sn 13)

after a few of the above it eventually gave

wd1:soft error (corrected)

and the system became responsive again.

This is netbsd 3.99.3 (i386). I was installing a large number of binary 
packages at the time it hung. 

Should i be woried about the health of my disk?

Thanks for any help