Subject: Re: USB mouse goes dark
To: Jeff Rizzo <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/2005 09:43:21
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On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 06:55:48AM -0700, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> Martijn van Buul wrote:
> >It occurred to me that Lennart Augustsson wrote in gmane.os.netbsd.curre=
> >
> >My Microsoft optical mouse dies on a semi-frequent basis, but I suspect
> >that this is related to it being connected via an (electronic, PS/2) KVM=
> >switch. Every now and then (Once per week, or so), the mouse will
> >shutdown - but *only* on the NetBSD output on the KVM! Restarting X will
> >get it back.
> Not sure if this is related, but I have USB keyboard/mouse on a USB kvm
> switch, and whenever I switch back to NetBSD, the mouse is dead in X
> until I switch virtual consoles away from the X server and back.  I've
> thought many times about troubleshooting this, but never actually done
> anything about it... it's been happening since early 1.6 days, at least,
> maybe before.  I also have a microsoft optical mouse, but I'm pretty
> sure it's happened with others as well.

I see something related, and actually have been seeing it for years. For=20
me, I have a MS wheel mouse (PS2) connected to my KVM, and my macppc=20
connects to it via USB. The mac runs X. Whenever I switch to my mac _and_=
it wakes X up, the mouse forgets its extra buttons. The main button and=20
the motion work, just not the other buttons (including scrolling).

Switching away and back fixes things.

I have a PowerBook running MacOS 10.3.9 that's also hooked into the same=20
KVM via USB, and it does the same thing.

Take care,


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