Subject: Re: SMP work on sparc64
To: None <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/2005 11:56:06
Chris Ross wrote:
>   I know this has been ongoing for a long time, so I thought I'd
> check to see if there is any real progress being made.  Also,
> I wanted to ask if there is a "bucket" for people offering to
> contribute to getting this working (ie, running multiuser at
> least somewhat reliably, so that more people will test/run
> it).  I'd be happy to contribute to such a pool.
>   If there isn't one, I think we should set one up.  There used
> to be a web site for people to request work and bid amounts
> to have it done, but I can't find it anymore.  Anyone know of
> a place to manage such "pools of money for task X" things?
>   Otherwise, I'd be happy to hear any suggestions of anyone
> else willing to contribute to such a goal, and any thoughts as
> to how to manage it.

   Hi there.  I didn't really get any response on this, so I
thought I'd ask again.  Is there any work actively ongoing for
sparc64 SMP support for either -current, or NetBSD 3?

   I have a quad proc machine that I'd love to have running
MP without having to load Solaris 10 on it.

   If anyone has an update on the current status, please let
me know.

                       - Chris

   On a related but separate note, there used to be a web site
where people would commit money into escrow for coding tasks.
Does this still exist?  Does anyone remember what/where it is/