Subject: Re: continuing sh problems
To: Michael <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2005 15:10:39
Michael said:

>With 2.0 I couldn't compile a lot of stuff from pkgsrc because sh would dump core, this didn't happen anymore with a cross-built -current sh. I never tried to rebuild a -current userland natively, on my SPARCbook that would probably take days ( it's only a 110MHz MicroSPARC II after all ).

However, I wouldn't want to depend on cross-compile to get a viable sparc
operating system. A 110mhz SS5 takes about 72+ hours to do a build.

I cross-compile kernels for sun3, because native sun3 takes days just to build
the kernel.

So sh is broken on NetBSD-current and NetBSD 2.0.x when compiled natively.
This seems like more subtle problems with GCC 3.3.3.
Rick Kelly
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