Subject: Re: Making FFS fsck faster
To: Greywolf <>
From: Matthias Petermann <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/2005 01:50:27

Greywolf wrote:
> Please tell me you didn't put everything under that 120GB. :)

No, the disc is well-partitionated, but I selected this 120 (110) GB
piece for the /home filesystem.

aero% df -h
Filesystem    Size     Used     Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/wd0a     964M     550M      365M    60%    /
/dev/wd0f     1.9G     178M      1.6G     9%    /var
/dev/wd0e      28G      18G      8.4G    67%    /usr
/dev/wd0g     110G      21G       84G    20%    /home
/dev/wd0h     1.9G     8.0K      1.8G     0%    /tmp
kernfs        1.0K     1.0K        0B   100%    /kern

> I know, I know, partitioning disks doesn't really help much and "makes
> no sense now that we have larger disks", but I find that if I isolate
> at least the OS-critical filesystems (/, /usr (or / and /usr), and /var)
> to appropriately sized partitions,


> I can at least come up much quicker and then, if I need to, I can run
> the remaining partitions later and bring them on line as they
> become ready.

Okay, this is a pretty simple but cool workaround.

Kind regards,