Subject: Re: bce and iwi problems
To: None <>
From: Hitoshi Asaeda <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/2005 15:01:42
> You need to install the iwi-firmware package from pkgsrc, then place the
> following line at the top of /etc/ifconfig.iwi0:
>   !/usr/sbin/iwictl iwi0 -i iwi0 -d /usr/pkg/libdata/if_iwi

Thanks! Now my X40 seems to work with iwi.

I'd add additional information of Inspiron's problem.
For bce interface, the kernel recognizes it but doesn't transmit any
data and always shows "bce0: data error" as I mailed.
For the wireless interface, the kernel does not recognize it (i.e. it
does not appear on dmesg).

Hitoshi Asaeda