Subject: Re: Adding IPFILTER_COMPAT to GENERIC kernels
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/2005 00:29:12
In article <>,
Martti Kuparinen  <> wrote:
>I'd like to add IPFILTER_COMPAT to all GENERIC kernels and also
>build the userland ipf tools with this option. As the result users
>should be able to use different ipf versions in kernel and userland.
>Below is only change for the i386 GENERIC to show what I'm doing. My
>plan to modify all src/sys/arch/*/conf/* which have IPFILTER_LOG setting
>and if IPFILTER_LOG is commented-out then IPFILTER_COMPAT would be
>commented-out as well.
>Any objections for this change?
>Once this is done I'd like this to be pulled up to netbsd-3 so we could
>more easily update ipf in the future...

1. it should be defopted
2. does IPFILTER_COMPAT do anything but ignore the version check? If
   it only ignores the version check, then I don't think that this is
   a good idea, because we cannot guarantee that the kernel<->userland
   api will not change in newly imported versions.