Subject: Re: is APPLE_UFS + FFS_EI enough to mount an Apple UFS on NetBSD/i386?
To: Mark Davies <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/04/2005 13:31:23
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Mark Davies wrote:

>On Saturday 05 March 2005 09:12, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
>>I've got a USB flash disk with an Apple UFS (formatted under MacOS
>>10.3.8) on it, that I'd like to be able to use under NetBSD/i386 - I
>>recompiled my kernel with "options FFS_EI" and "options APPLE_UFS", but
>>things don't quite work:
>>This is a NetBSD/i386 2.99.14 system - is there anything else I'm
>>missing?  Has anyone gotten this to work?  Should I send-pr?
>See PR 26823.  I applied the second of Michael Hitch's patches, along with 
>options FFS_EI and options APPLE_UFS and it allowed me to mount an Apple UFS 
>filesystem on a NetBSD/i386 2.99.10 system.

Yep, that works for me, too... I'd previously gotten other-endian FSes
working (read an alpha disk on macppc) so I assumed this was an apple
ufs specific thing.


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