Subject: Re: slow mplayer
To: None <>
From: Congo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/2005 23:03:48
On Sun=2C 13 Feb 2005 22=3A09=3A59 +0100
Tobias Nygren =3Ctnn=40ne=
tilium=2Eorg=3E wrote=3A

=3E On Sun=2C 13 Feb 2005 17=3A16=3A09 =
=3E =22Congo=22 =3Ccongo=40inMail=2Esk=3E wrote=3A
 =3E hello=2C
=3E =3E 	i would like to ask about mplayer=2E Becaus=
e if i run film without sound=2C it's runnig good=2E But with sound=
 enabled it's the movie is not watchable=2E Can you help me =3F=2E =
I tried -vo sun and oss too but with sun is better but i still see =
that is not the best=2E 
=3E =3E                                  =
=3E =3E    =
                    Congo =28congo=40inmail=2Esk=29
=3E Can =
you please provide information on CPU speed=2Ftype and sound hardwa=
re used=3F
=3E -Tobias

Hello=2C i'm runnig 1=2E=
6 AMD Duron=2C 128 RAM=2C Sound Blaster 128 PCI =28Ensonic driver=29=

my dmesg is here http=3A=2F=2Fcongo=2Ephp5=2Esk=2Fdmesg a mplayer=
I have gentoo t=
oo and there i have no prolem with watching movies=2E And now i fin=
d that i have written -vo sun or oss
but its the -ao sun=28or oss=29=
                       Congo =28congo=40inmail=2Esk=29

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