Subject: Re: fails in libpam
To: <>
From: Dmitri Nikulin <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/2005 00:55:43
Personally I use MKLINT=no in mk.conf. I had a long time span in which 
lint would complain about little things like that which didn't actually 
matter (since it was committed to -stable it's probably okay) so I just 
wouldn't give it a chance. Life becomes easier this way, and world build 
times obviously go down a notch.

Does anyone else find the NetBSD src tree is among the most fragile? 
Besides CVS being a very bad distribution method since it is the most 
error-prone (both user and software, in my experience), a lot of these 
source-level breakages go on which are really depressing for an 
operating system that is so amazingly robust once it's built. I suppose 
it's worth it though.