Subject: Re: -current build status
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/2005 00:42:23
> The machine is a 2way xeon (p4,ht disabled) running netbsd2.0,
>  building for itself and the checkout is from 10mins ago.
> Relevant parts:
> (if this list has preferences for attached  logs over inline for post=
ing =

> please let me know.)

Ah.  You're doing a "-j 3" build, and the relevant parts were
actually omitted.  Doing a parallel make means that the actual
error can be somewhat hidden in the build log.  The thing is, in
this case the two forks which did not hit an error just continue
working until they exit up to the level where the parent of the
failing make was before the whole make job aborts.  Some might
say this is a deficiency in our make; I don't know how other
parallel makes handle similar situations.

If you search backwards in the build log after "***", chances are
you'll find the interesting error message which reveals what the
problem is.

The other alternative is to do a normal "-j 1" build when you hit
a problem, and the actual error message will end up near the end
of the build log.


- H=E5vard