Subject: Re: fails in libpam
To: None <,>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/2005 00:28:14
> openpam_impl.h does not seem to have NetBSD version (or I failed to
> figure out the version from the file itself).

If you checked the file out using CVS, you can do "cvs status file.c"
and it will tell you which version you have checked out, and which one
is the latest repository version.  Or you can take a peek in
CVS/Entries for information on which version you are supposed to have

> Very cursory look shows it be to *similar* to

Heh, well, yes, "similar" being the key phrase, and most of the time
that's not good enough... ;-)

> openssl sha1 openpam_borrow_cred.c openpam_impl.h
> SHA1(openpam_borrow_cred.c)=3D 54624414bd4daf8e87417b63ff483ac71e8a99=
> SHA1(openpam_impl.h)=3D 3abdac86936b5884a88bf43995be6dedc8405aa0
> So, the header file does not match with what there should be.


> I don't think merely updating it helps, as I have thrown all sources
> away and checked them out *twice* (first time forgot -P, and since
> it still failed decided to just do it from scratch again). The versio=
> I have came from the mirror, so somebody might=

> want to check openpam_impl.h in there, just in case.

OK, I'll try to ping someone who might now who deals with this one.

> I'll try another mirror, and hopefully get the proper files.
> Thanks for the hashes, and checking into this!

You're welcome.  If you're in Finland, you might try
or even (which is the one I'm using).


- H=E5vard