Subject: NetBSD port of zaptel drivers for asterisk - update
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/2005 15:09:28
After banging my head against some stupid bugs for a while, I finally 
have a driver that allows me to make and receive outgoing calls on an 
analog phone from an asterisk server running on NetBSD.  The driver that 
I have working (well, at least partly working) is for the Digium 
Wildcard TDM400P - I haven't begun work on any of the other zaptel 
boards because I don't have any (yet).

For those not familiar, asterisk is an open source (GPL) PBX -  and the Wildcard TDM 400P is a board which 
holds up to four modules, either FXS or FXO, for connecting analog 
phones and phone lines.  The drivers I've ported are from the FreeBSD 
port of the original Linux drivers - they almost definitely won't work 
on anything but i386 at this point, though I'd like to fix that at some
point.  They're also GPL-infected code, so don't look for them to be 
imported to the NetBSD src tree anytime soon, though I have every 
intention of getting a pkg put together and added to pkgsrc once I've 
gotten things a little more stable.

Anyone who'd like to look at the code or try out the drivers can get 
them here:

What's included at this point are the "zaptel" framework driver, the 
"ztdummy" driver, and the "wcfxs" driver for the TDM400P.  The other 
directories are untouched from the FreeBSD port.  ztdummy should work 
fine (as an LKM) on NetBSD 2.0, but wcfxs doesn't compile on 2.0 yet - 
at least not as an LKM.  (it might compile in as a static driver under 
2.0, but I haven't had a chance to check that as yet)

Anyone who's interested in Asterisk, or who has one of these boards, or 
both, please try it out and let me know what's wrong with it.