Subject: Re: Password for su no more required after upgrade !
To: Dunric <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/2005 09:53:40
In message <S1339023AbVAQNtU/>, "Dunric" 
>I upgraded NetBSD 2.0 to current from sources and now any user can su
>to root without a password.
>Yep, I've read /usr/src/UPDATING, I've run postinstall -s /usr/src -d
>/ fix. Postinstall was unable to fix x11 config files only.
>After postinstall and etcupdate I've found /etc/pam.d remains empty so I tried
>to copy manualy pam config for su from /usr/src/etc/pam.d but it
>solved nothing :-(
>What have to be done for authentication to be working again ?
>Thx in advance
That sure sounds like root no longer has a password.  You can check 
that by looking at /etc/master.passwd, or simply setting a new password 
for root.

		--Prof. Steven M. Bellovin,