Subject: Re: mode 11g on ath(4) on Soekris net4801
To: David Young <>
From: Andreas Wrede <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/2005 22:32:21
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On 16-Jan-05, at 5:05 PM, David Young wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 05:17:52PM -0500, Andreas Wrede wrote:
>> If I change the mode to 11g the system starts be behave erratic. At
>> times, the amount of time the system spends processing interrupts goes
>> to 100%, the system appears looked up for up to minutes at on end.
> I think this is related to a bug in the HAL we use that causes 
> excessive
> numbers of PHY errors.  It is fixed in newer HALs.  You can pick up a
> later HAL version from FreeBSD or Linux, or you can try again after
> I import the latest net80211 and ath(4) from FreeBSD.  My earliest
> opportunity to re-import from FreeBSD will be February 2.

With FreeBSD's i386-elf.hal.o.uu in place of athhal-elf.o.uue, I get:

        link  NET4801/netbsd
athhal-elf.o(.text+0x139a): In function `zz033e8fbf':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_memzero'
athhal-elf.o(.text+0x1fe0): In function `zz033e8fbf':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_memzero'
athhal-elf.o(.text+0x7c2f): In function `zz016e109b':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_memzero'
athhal-elf.o(.text+0xb574): In function `zz06e04dd1':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_memzero'
athhal-elf.o(.text+0xb586): In function `zz06e04dd1':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_memzero'
athhal-elf.o(.text+0xc68b): more undefined references to 
`ath_hal_memzero' follow

I briefly looked at diffs for the other required files but this is 
somewhat beyond me, so I'll happily wait 'till Feb 2 :-)


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