Subject: Re: iwictl program location and the iwi driver (for Intel 2200BG)
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/2005 12:48:39
In article <>,
Sverre Froyen  <> wrote:
>Now that Damien Bergamini's iwi driver is in the tree, it seems 
>pertinent to consider the location of the iwictl program and the 
>associated Intel firmware.  Obviously, the firmware needs to be loaded 
>before the interface will work and if you use dhcp the interface must 
>work before before dhclient is started.  The easiest way to achieve 
>this, seems to me, is to place something like
> !iwictl -i $int -d zzzz -m bss
> up media autoselect ssid xxxx nwkey yyyy
>in the file /etc/ifconfig.iwi0.
>Since /etc/rc.d/network is run before the /usr partition is mounted, 
>however, this implies that both iwictl program and the directory zzzz 
>must be in the root partition.  iwictl probably belongs in /sbin, but I 
>could not see an obvious place for the firmware.  Is there such a place 
>and, if not, should one be created?
>PS This likely applies to the ipw driver as well.

I would prefer that we don't grow 1 ctl program per driver and come
up with a generalized firmware loader infrastructure.