Subject: Re: compression question, again.
To: Greywolf <>
From: Stefan Schumacher <>
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Date: 01/08/2005 17:57:09
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Also sprach Greywolf (

> 	If I compress a file of considerable size, regardless of the
> 	compression method, I get a corrupted file.
> 	Filesystem in question has no softdeps enabled.  Filesize
> 	is 462MB in size.
> 	If I break up said file into several smaller files, they compress
> 	fine and test fine immediately after compression, but file #1
> 	becomes corrupted somehow.
> Does *anybody* else, see this problem?

No, I tar.bzip2'ed a 1.8Gig mpeg w/o Problems on 2.99.10,
But I had a similar problem 1,5 years ago with tar, gnupg and even
dump, so I tested my RAM (memtest86 in pkgsrc) and found one 256M bar
was fubar.

What about encryption? If you simply encrypt and decrypt your file with
OPenSSL (it's in basedistrib) or any other cryptosuite and compare
checksums of the original file and the enc/decrypted one?=20

Usually, there should be no error on faultless hardware.=20

I had to test several "old" Pentium2 boxes at work and wrote a simple
shell-skript, it performs the test decribed above in an endless loop.

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