Subject: Re: SDL-based games and response-time in a desktop environment?
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/2005 05:23:28
> Please note that, as may be gleaned by my From: and Reply-To:, I
> do not wish to receive a reply via email. Reply only to the list
> please and thanks.
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> That's unfortunate. That means you're missing the In-reply-to:
> which seems to break many different mailers' threading capabilities.
> :(

It's unfortunate, too, that you choose to rely on something (Reply-To:)
that not everyone can make use of.  If you want me to know where
to send replies, please put it where I can see it.  Otherwise,
you can't really complain.  Lot of bad luck going around.  (^&

Re. the real problem, I guess it remains to be seen what it is.
I confess that before, I mostly stopped after reading "SDL games",
since I thought that that was the scope of the issue.  Sorry.

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."