Subject: Building pkgsrc for alternative arch or OS rev?
To: None <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/26/2004 20:12:49
   Hi.  My main development machine is an i386 running -current.  
I have a few machines that are much slower that are providing most of my
services.  Is there a [good] way to build against the obj trees that I 
built on this same build machine, so that the pkgsrc binaries are built 
run on an alternative arch, or an alternative version of NetBSD?

   For example, I need to get a squid to run on an i386 2.0 machine, but
am not sure the IPF stuff built into squid will be the same on the 
machine I'm building on.  Is there a way I can build pkgsrc against some
alternative set of headers, et al, perhaps with a different toolchain 
the like?


                                     - Chris