Subject: new evbarm port for TS-7200 single board computer
To: None <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/25/2004 11:26:01
I just commited support for the Technologic Systems TS-7200 single board
computer to NetBSD/evbarm.

About the TS-7200:

The TS-7200 is a low-cost mass-produced PC/104 embedded single board
computer intended as a general purpose core for real embedded
applications.  The TS-7200 uses the Cirrus Logic EP9302 ARM9
system-on-chip and comes with a PC/104 (isa) bus and can either boot
to CompactFlash or onboard flash.  The board also has general purpose
digital IO and optional multichannel analog-to-digital converters.
More information on the TS-7200 can be found at

Supported peripherals:

  On-CPU RS232 UARTs (2) (epcom)
  On-CPU 10/100 Ethernet MAC (epe)
  CompactFlash socket (wdc)
  USB 1.1 ports (2) (ohci)
  64Hz system clock from on-CPU timers (epclk)
  Other devices inserted into the PC/104 (isa) expansion slot

//Jesse Off