Subject: Re: postfix and pgsql (or any other advanced features)
To: Stefan Schumacher <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/2004 19:31:13
In message <>, Stefan Schumac
her writes:
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>Also sprach Michael Graff (
>> On Friday 17 December 2004 16:07, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>> As root, /usr/sbin is in the default path before /usr/pkg/sbin, which is =
>> things like "postconf" and other need-to-know-about-maps bits live.  Or=
>> are /usr/sbin/postconf and other utilities wrappers as well?
>> I suppose I could make them wrappers around shell scripts that look at a=
>> config file in /etc/postfix to determine if it should=20
>> run /usr/sbin/postfix/<command> or /usr/pkg/sbin/<command> ...
>What about mailer.conf(5)?

I was about to post that, till I saw that he mentioned postconf.  OTOH, 
one uses those commands quite rarely; simple shell aliases (or a manual 
PATH change) would suffice.  The important parts -- the commands named 
sendmail, mailq, and newaliases -- are indeed handled by mailer.conf.

		--Steve Bellovin,