Subject: Re: X11 problems
To: None <>
From: Ed Gould <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/2004 14:40:50
> Is 4.4.0 from xsrc different from the tarballs on
> I untarred the tarballs in /usr/src, cd xsrc, make, make install.
> If there is some more arcane way of building it with, it wasn't
> apparent to me in the BUILDING doc, except for some obscure mention of "-x"
> and "-X"

The "right" way is to use  The -x flag says build X.  The 
default is not to build X.  The -X flag specifies where the xsrc 
directory is, if it's not /usr/xsrc.  E.g., -x release

will (when run as root) build a release into the canonical places, from 
sources rooted in the current directory and X sources in /usr/xsrc.  
Add other flags as appropriate for your situation.