Subject: merging of OtherBSDen usbdevs entries
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Barry Bouwsma <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/2004 15:18:46
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Is there any interest to add entries to usbdevs (and files generated
therefrom) that are not yet present in NetBSD-current, but can be
found in the usbdevs data on other BSD OSen?

I'm in the process of trying to minimize the differences between the
different OS files, and found it would be easier if I brought NetBSD
up-to-speed as well, and thought I'd ask if you want these results.

I've made a list of missing vendor IDs, based on 07.dez.2004 NetBSD
current usbdevs, which can be downloaded from
(should also work without SSL)
These are entries present in DragonFly and FreeBSD -current.  I haven't
merged OpenBSD yet.

This should be reviewed, as I've manually massaged it, and have not
built world with it -- a process which will probably take five days
on this machine, so I may have botched things up.

The devices data is a bit more substantial, and I'm working on that
now, and if there's interest in this, I'll post a pointer to this
once I've completed my work.  If not, then, well, never mind.

As is to be expected, most additional entries need to be applied to
OtherBSDen, but I feel it would be unfair to do that without returning
entries OtherBSDen have that NetBSD doesn't.

barry bouwsma