Subject: Re: Anybody using arla with a recent NetBSD?
To: Torsten Harenberg <>
From: Tracy Di Marco White <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/2004 11:22:12
In message <Pine.OSX.4.61.0412041507520.397@torsten-harenbergs-computer.local>, Torsten Harenberg writes:
>Dear all,
>I'm running our central webserver on an alpha running NetBSD 1.6. As 
>we're using AFS for our shared home directories, arla's running there.
>However, as a backup server I have a sparc64 running 2.0_RC4. As known 
>from pkg/20906, arla (at least 0.35.12) doesn't configure on these 
>systems. I tried to use a more recent version of arla, which looks more 
>promissing (configure completes), but doesn't compile as I have reported 
>to that PR.
>I thought about downgrading that sparc, but arla seems not to work even on 
>a 1.6 version of NetBSD on sparc64 (at least there's no binary package 
>So I would like to ask if anybody is successfully using arla (in whatever 
>version) on a recent version of NetBSD? Or is there any other AFS client 
>available (I asked on openafs, but nobody there has ever tried to port it 
>to NetBSD)?

arla has it's own mailing list, arla-drinkers.

This is what I use on 2.0 on i386 to configure the latest arla:
 ./configure --with-krb4-lib=/usr/lib --with-krb4-include=/usr/include/kerberosIV --with-roken=/usr --with-roken-include=/usr/include/krb5 --with-sys=/usr/src/sys --with-krb5-lib=/usr/lib --with-krb5-include=/usr/include/krb5 --with-arlacachedir=/vice

You may not want to have the arlacache moved, my site is fairly traditional.
I don't know that this will work on other versions (I have no current
machines) or architectures.  I have tested it on all the release candidates
for 2.0 along the way.

There is some work in progress on porting the OpenAFS client to NetBSD,
and I'm using the OpenAFS server on NetBSD.