Subject: Re: pkg ap-php5
To: None <>
From: Thomas T. Thai <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/2004 10:52:25
Harry Waddell wrote:

>Just install lang/php5. The directory that contains all the extra php modules 
>for php4, /usr/pkg/lib/php/20040412, should also be removed. After that
>ap-php and the php-modules should build everything for php5. See 
>/usr/pkg/lang/php/ for to see how all the magic happens.
>It's really pretty slick how the pkg-sourcerers made the selection of php4 or php5 work 
>more or less automatically.
All that went smoothly. Apache2, PHP5. Thank you. However, when I tried 
to build ap-ssl, it retrieved apache 1.3 and build that instead of using 
the Apache2 I just installed. Does ap-ssl not work with Apache2?