Subject: Re: -current stopped booting on Power Mac G4
To: Timo =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Sch=F6ler?= <>
From: Michael <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/24/2004 07:04:07

> has anybody else noticed the following?
I just started hacking my iBook G4, and no, booting NetBSD isn't a problem at all.

> i built -current from this morning, installed on my Power Mac G4  
> (Sawtooth), i.e. install-kernel runs okay, but booting with  
> netbsd-GENERIC fails.
> it drops into the db (which is unfortunately not responding to  
> anything, e.g. 'bt').
I had to make a recent -current kernel because 1.6 doesn't properly support the iBook's keyboard, 2.99.10 works just fine but it has some other, pretty annoying issues.

So, several things:
- the kauai/wdc driver seems to have problems - it doesn't see my harddisk and refuses to use any UDMA mode on my CDROM, it's stuck in PIO4/DMA2. The disk is definitely ok since I load my kernel from it ( boot pci2/ata-6/disk:,\ofwboot.xcf ) - not to talk about MacOS X happily booting from it.
- I found out why XFree leaves a fscked up console on G4s - simply because UniNorth doesn't seem to map IO space into memory as it's supposed to do ( and bandit does ). So vgahw can't store any video state, let alone write it back.
- USB is weird - my Logitech trackball works just fine but a harddisk doesn't - it does however work on the S900 with an ALi USB2 controller ( in OHCI mode because EHCI still locks up ).

have fun