Subject: Re: Is there any other way to install besides boot floppies?
To: Glendon Gross <>
From: Ben Collver <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/2004 05:46:30
I have had dd succeed and a subsequent cmp fail, which is why I do the
"redundant" cmp.

Do you have a 1.5 gigabyte floppy? ;)


On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 06:56:00PM -0800, Glendon Gross wrote:
> My favorite way to format floppies is with dd:
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/fd0a count=2880 bs=512k
> This way if the command succeeds I know that every 512k block on the 
> floppy is good.
>On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Ben Collver wrote:
>>I can confirm that tip.  Another thing that saves grief is to do
>>something like "cmp /dev/rfd0a /path/floppy-image" to verify they are
>>indeed the same.  This is usually how I catch that a floppy has gone