Subject: VIA EPIA PD6000 and 2nd stage bootloader
To: None <>
From: Teemu Rinta-aho <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/2004 12:54:18
Hi all,

I got myself a VIA EPIA PD6000 motherboard (mini-ITX,
x86-compatible Eden C3 processor, 2 x ethernet,
256MB RAM, etc.). My plan is to install NetBSD on
that and set it up as a firewall.

After having put everything together, seeing that
the BIOS is OK, memory is OK, the 20GB HDD is OK,
I got a mug of coffee, -current boot1.fs
on a floppy disk and the thought of giving
a birth to another beautiful NetBSD installation
on my mind :-)

Well, it didn't work out as in the movies.
The only thing I got on the screen was:

NetBSD/i386 ustarfs Primary Bootstrap

then the multisync monitor clicked three-four
times and the system rebooted.

The problem is *not* the kernel, *not* the
installation media, but it seems to be the second stage
bootloader. Now, I will debug it myself but
to boost things, I'd really appreciate if some
expert could give me hints on where the problem
might be. I gave an initial look on the boot2.c
and there's some biosvideo-stuff just before
the printing of the kernel loading prompt.
Could that cause the monitor clicking and reboot?
The VIA motherboard (surprisingly) has a VIA
AGP video chip, but I thought at least text
console would work these days :-) That's all
I need for my firewall.

I noticed the problem has been noticed by
someone else too, but there was no information
whether there has been any progress:

Subject: Problem booting netbsd
To: None <>
From: roberto <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/19/2004 09:18:39

Date: 18 Aug 2004

I've the following motherboard VIA EPIA CL6000E, CPU 600MHz, 256 MB RAM.

I've downloaded NetBSO 2.0 - 200408130000 but I've a booting problem: when
I try the 1st boot floppy I can see
  "NetBSD/i386 ustarfs Primary Bootstrap"

for a 1/2 second then the PC reboots.
I've tried the other boot floppies but with no success.

Does anyone has the same problem?


Best regards,