Subject: Firefox choking, anybody ?
To: None <>
From: Martin S. Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/2004 18:15:58
Yo current-users,

I've updated pkgsrc & built firefox-1.0nb1 on a 2.0G/i386; It built fine but 
doesn't run as expected. The main window starts, the bookmarks are gone, and 
it hangs as soon as I e.g. try to "Edit" -> "Preferences", showing me info 
from the "Privacy" settings but totally ignoring any user input from there on. 
Only way to kill it then is to ^C it ..

Anybody seeing anything like that ? Or anyone having any idea what could be
wrong on my side ? (Because I suppose there would've been more yelling if
the problem was more wide-spread ... - the archives tell me I'm probably
about the only one seeing it :>)

I'll be trying it with today's -current lateron ... let's see where that
leads me :)

Tia & Regards,

-Martin Weber