Subject: Re: Problem upgrading to latest.
To: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/2004 08:49:01
>Did a cvs update three days ago.
>Hardware is both an Alpha, and a PII.
>Built kernel on both, which went fine.
>Started building userland on both.
>The Alpha build went fine, but the i386 build stops already on tools, at 
>gcc, with the following error:
>*** Configuration unknown-unknown-netbsd2.99.10 not supported
>Configure in /usr/obj/tools/gcc/build/gcc failed, exiting.
>So it looks as if it don't understand that this is an i386???
>Anybody seen this, or knows what's going on?

this is symtomatic of upgrading from current between 2003/12/04 and
2004/03/24 to today's current (or the 2.0 branch).

src/UPDATING says this:

	Support for the original dynamic sysctl node structure has
	been removed in favor of the newer layout.  This affects
	consumers of the create and delete interface, as well as
	the dynamic discovery mechanism.  This is believed only to
	be the sysctl(8) binary itself, at this point in time, so
	the only effect of this should be that a sysctl binary
	built from sources dated between 2003/12/04 and 2004/03/24
	will not work on a kernel built from sources dated after
	2004/04/25.  If you need a new sysctl binary but
	does not work, make sure that your revision of
	src/sys/sys/sysctl.h is 1.112 (or later), and then the
	do the following:

	cd /usr/src (or wherever your source tree is)
	make USETOOLS=no includes
	cd lib/libc
	make USETOOLS=no dependall install
	cd ../../sbin/sysctl
	make USETOOLS=no dependall install

	If you are using older sysctl binary, GNU autoconf would fail to
	identify your machine architecture, and tries to build binary for
	"unknown-unknown-netbsd20F" or something like that.  if that happens,
	make sure to follow the above steps.

though merely replacing your sysctl binary with one that's older than
that should work just fine, too.  if you don't have any lying around,
taking one from a 1.6 release set should be just fine.

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