Subject: Re: dhclient
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/2004 21:00:45
On Mar 21,  6:57pm, Lennart Augustsson wrote:
} Is there some way to make dhclient work like you want
} in this century?  Or is there a replacement?

     I've used a couple of different DHCP clients in the L* world, and
to be blunt, they sucked big time.  dhclient is by far the best I've

} Some wishes:
} * I have interfaces that come and go.  dhclient
}    should notice this.

     How?  By scanning the list of interfaces every second?  That
wouldn't be very efficient.  It may be able to do something with
kevent.  But, that isn't very portable.  Remember that dhclient isn't
an inherit part of NetBSD, but rather part of the ISC's DHCP package
which runs on just about every version of UNIX.  Whether or not the
developers would use something that isn't universally available
(although it is probably available on all the BSDs), I don't know.  You
could always ask.  The primary developer is Ted Lemon, who is also a
NetBSD developer,  When I had some problems, I found
him to be quite reasonable.  He took one of my patches verbatim and
implemented my other patch in a portable way.  As somebody else in this
thread mentioned, you could do something using ifwatchd.  If you check
the manpage, you will see that there is a method of informing dhclient
of new interfaces.

} * With multiple interface it should only configure
}    one of them for use, and you should be able to specify
}    priority.  If you don't say anything prefer wires over
}    wireless.

     This is something that is completely personal and system based.
There is no way to satisfy everybody on this issue.  However, there is
an easy way to tell it to just use one interface.

} * dhclient should not use programs from /usr.  It might not
}    be mounted when dhclient runs.

     Which programs does it use?  Should these programs be moved to /,
or is there some other way to do the same thing.  External programs are
called from a script, which is specific to NetBSD, so there shouldn't
be a problem with feeding these kinds of changes back to Ted.

}-- End of excerpt from Lennart Augustsson