Subject: Re: World build failure in netbsd-2-0 and current
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/2004 22:25:57
> Timo Schöler <> wrote:

> try to omit -pipe... ;)

Really? How curious... trying. That would be weird though, it's not meant to have a
negative effect on systems that do piping properly (if NetBSD didn't this would have
come up already :P), and to stop lex from doing its thing?

I had similar problems, I recall now, in a Gentoo rig (yuk) where -j>1 was used, and
Makefiles lacking .WAIT did things in the wrong order and tried to use a header
before it was generated. However, here it defaults to -j1 (right?) and forcing it
didn't make any difference.

Trying with -O -march=i686 and nothing more, and after the set of hacks suggested by
Adam Ciarcinski.

Thanks for the quick replies by the way, I was expecting to have to wait until
tomorrow :)