Subject: Re: World build failure in netbsd-2-0 and current
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/2004 13:36:37
> I've been trying to move to NetBSD for possibly a month now,
> but this problem keeps slowing down my progress. The basic
> problem is that anything involving lexer generation by flex
> will end up missing the headers that are meant to be generated.
> The two bits of the tree that are affected are groff and
> cgdconfig.

That's really weird and not something I'm seeing in my environment.

The thing about a header file being in another directory sounds
as if you have partially built without objdirs / obj symlinks /
objdirprefix once, and subsequently introduced those.  If that is
the problem, you need to

1) remove all the objdirs / obj symlinks
2) do a full "make cleandir"

i.e. go back to square zero, and make sure your source tree does not
contain any leftover cruft from earlier attempts (this is done using
CVS and zeroing out the "ignore these file types" with "-I !",
possibly with a quoted exclamation mark if your shell has csh-type
history substitution.

It really is possible to build the tree (both -current and netbsd-2-0)
using the script (which is the recommended way) and have it
complete with only one command line typed.


- H=E5vard