Subject: Re: Copyright/trademark and the BSD daemon (was: Re: unofficial poll about new logo)
To: NetBSD-current Users <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch=F6ler?= <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/2004 21:31:01
> > Also, I thought that he specifically disavowed the "beastie" name, 
> saying
> > that the guy whose image he holds under copyright never had a name.
> Amusingly enough, Kirk couldn't name the http directory '', so guess
> which name he chose? ;-)
> In any case, the lowdown on the daemon's copyright can be found here.
>      _________________________________________________________________
>    Statement on the Use of the BSD Daemon Figure:
>      _________________________________________________________________
>    The  BSD Daemon is copyrighted by Marshall Kirk McKusick. Usage of 
> the
>    daemon  is  permitted  under the terms described below. Several of 
> the
>    shirts  shown in this web page were produced by others after 
> obtaining
>    written  permission to use the daemon. The copyright of the 
> derivative
>    artwork  remains with the shirt producer; such copyrights are noted 
> in
>    the descriptive text for the shirt.
>    Individuals  may  use  the  daemon  for  their personal use within 
> the
>    bounds of good taste (an example of bad taste was a picture of the 
>    daemon blowtorching a Solaris logo).


what about this:



>  When reasonably possible, I would
>    like  the  text ``BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk 
> McKusick.
>    All  Rights  Reserved.''  to be included. This text need not be 
> etched
>    into  the figure or garishly displayed when using the daemon as say 
> an
>    Icon in a web frame. A good example of how to handle the due credit 
> in
>    a  web  page  is  to  create  a  link  from  the daemon picture to 
> the
>    following text:
>     BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick.
>     All Rights Reserved.
>     Permission to use the daemon may be obtained from:
>         Marshall Kirk McKusick
>         1614 Oxford St
>         Berkeley, CA 94709-1608
>         USA
>     or via email at mckusick [at]
>    If  you  want  to mass produce the daemon on Tshirts, CDROM's, etc 
> you
>    need  to request permission in advance. In general, I require that 
> the
>    daemon  be  used  in  an appropriate way. This means that it has to 
> be
>    something  related  to  BSD  and  not  expropriated  as a company 
> logo
>    (though  I do allow companies with BSD-based products such as 
> Scotgold
>    or WindRiver to use it). I regret having to be so legalistic about 
> the
>    daemon,  but  I  almost  lost  the  daemon  to a certain large 
> company
>    because  I  failed  to  show due dilligence in protecting it. So, 
> I've
>    taken due dilligence seriously since then.
>         Marshall Kirk McKusick
>         January 1995