Subject: Re: PERC4/SC RAID compatibility
To: Cameron Brown <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/2004 08:16:58
Cameron Brown wrote:

> vendor 0x1000 product 0x1960 (RAID mass storage, revision 0x01) at pci2 dev 1 function 0 not configured

Are you sure you have selected RAID instead of SCSI in your BIOS
for the integrated controller? Also make sure you have "mass storage"
instead of "I20" as the RAID mode.

The reason I'm asking is that vendor 0x1000 is Symbios and that's
the same controller I'm getting on PowerEdge 1850 if I select SCSI
instead of RAID. When RAID is selected the vendor is 0x1028.

So please verify the settings and send a new dmesg output if you
changed anything. Let me also know if these were in fact correct
values and you didn't change anything in the BIOS