Subject: Re: NetBSD 2.0_RC4 & pcmcia wireless
To: Christian Goetz <>
From: Stefan Schumacher <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/2004 07:07:44
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Also sprach Christian Goetz (
> I am testing NetBSD 2.0_RC4 on my Intel laptop (Amilo) and the sis900=20
> based  nic is working fine.
> For my mobility, I' m using a wireless pcmcia card which ihooks up=20
> coorectly but doesn't get an ip from my AP (dhclient wi0).
> Static-ip will even not let me ping my AP (ifconfig wi0 status: No networ=
> wiconfig wi0 -D says:
>    ... scanning
>    No APs available    ( I don't see any activity on my wireless card=20
> when scanning ???)
> Could anybody help me on this issue.

I have a similiar problem, I have an old Laptop (Pentium 1 from '96)
which is running RC4 too and I cannot use any PCMCIA card.=20
I tested two NICs (ne2, both) and a PCMCIA-Compact Flash adapter.
The NICs can be configured but don't work eg. they get no ping or pong.
The CF adapter is also recognized, but mbrlabel wd1 hangs the whole
The hardware is OK and the network setup to, I guess there must be
sth. wrong with RC4.

Do you have any other PCMCIA cards for testing?

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